The Importance Of Speech Language Pathology

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At some point in life every child is asked what they want to be when they grew up. Some would say things like to become the president, be an astronaut, or even be a doctor. When I was asked this question I remember telling my teacher that I wanted to be a teacher, to help children learn and better their lives. Now that I 'm older I realize that I did want to help children learn, but not as a full teacher. I want to help children grow and speak better by becoming a Speech Language Pathologist. Being a speech language pathologist is more then just teaching people how to talk. It’s about teaching them to speak with a bigger vocabulary, teaching them how to help them with their semantics, morphology, or even syntax after someone has had a stroke…show more content…
Pragmatics is basically a way of saying what the sentence that someone is trying to say is meant to say. This is helpful to both fields because it helps everyone understand how much language they know is being used during a conversation. There are two things that should be understood when it comes to help children and adults about pragmatics. The first things would be to make sure that “ it should be should be understood most fundamentally in terms of the pragmatics success of the individual utterances” (John Collier, 2014). Speech Language Pathology helps kids with utterances one they know what the other person is meaning to say. Some children have a hard time picking out what someone is saying to them because their pragmatic skills are going to be slower than normal is they have a speech delay or if they have a speech problem. The second thing “linguistics conventions need to be understood as on a par with he non-linguistic regularities that that competent language users rely upon to refer” (John Collier, 2014). Speech Language Pathologist and Linguistics need to remember that whenever they are coming up with a invention to help other people talk, they need to think about what people that don 't have this skill down need to do first. Not having pragmatics down is hard for…show more content…
Phonology is how sounds interact together in a certain language. Phonology is kind of like phonetics but phonetics focuses more on articulation and placement of the tongue when saying certain letter sounds. Phonology also helps with describing the allophones of phonemes as well too. Morphology studies on the suffixes and prefixes. Another thing is this good for is finding the morphemes. Finding a number of morphemes helps Linguistics and Speech Language Pathologist find the amount of syllables the child is say. This helps more in the Speech Pathology field for when we do a language sample project. This project is more of letting the child talk to use and then we record what that child says. Then we find out how many morphemes the child said. Using the number of morphemes divided by the total number of utterances can help tell us where the child sits on the language side of things, as to whether the child is speaking at a good rate. Knowing where the child is at with their talking is the main concern about this project, it will then tell us what parts of speech we need to work with the child, or

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