Teaching - Igniting the Spark in our Learning Community

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Teaching - Igniting the Spark in our Learning Community

I tend to be a talker. I can keep up a good bit of conversation for much longer than my schedule usually allows. The gift of gab is a quality I have learned to apply in numerous different realms, and I intend for it to lead a flow of information in my classroom. The best thing about being a talker is that at any given moment, I am usually armed with half a dozen different ways to say the same thing. I love being able to talk with someone who is having trouble understanding something, and spin the information to him or her in a new way that they can understand. Being able to successfully convey information to someone who has been confused is remarkable to me. So, with my gift, I have been exchanging ideas and information with every community I participate in, from Rock Climbing and Boy Scouts, to Drama and Classrooms. I have found a niche as a teacher able to converse with students in a variety of formats, which affords me the opportunity to participate in the passing of information, and to view its flow into knowledge.

Since I was endowed with such an abundance of speech, I have taken a strong interest in language, and the numerous ways that it can be used to convey a variety of information. I feel that each student in my education community should be guided toward their highest goals. Every student that walks in the door has the ability to discover a field that interests him/her, and to develop knowledge in that field. It is my job as a teacher to foster each student’s interests, and provide them with the appropriate tools of language that will allow them to succeed in any field, and thus meet their goals. This is quite easier said than done. I truly ...

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...d content can keep learning interesting, and personal for each of my students. Each format will be identified as a tool of language, because information is useless for students if they don’t have a clear guide for applying it. In this WAC-type manner students will be guided to experience how important language is in every field. I believe my conversational ability will help establish this type of a classroom community. This community will benefit from a variety of activities that can illustrate the importance, and numerous uses of our language in any field my students show an interest in.

I can spark others in our learning community with my interest in the abilities of language through my conversational skills, that interest can play an integral part in the achievement of the goals of everyone involved with the community at one time or another.
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