The Importance Of Spanish Culture In Spain

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ahatma Gandhi once stated that “A nations culture resides in the hearts and souls of its people” This holds evident in the European country of Spain. Spain is a country of long time tradition in which people work hard to continue on with a culture they created long ago. Spain is a very colorfully cultured country with many famous and important traditions which include bullfighting, the art of flamenco dancing and La Siesta. One of the most important parts of Spanish culture is bullfighting, according to USA today’s David Thyberg bullfighting is undenieably a link to the Spanish culture, in fact bullfighting has been around since the time of the Roman Empirore although it is often protested for its inhumain and violen nature its popularity continues on today most likely because you can not find this entertainment in other countries except for in Spain where it is still considerd a part of their cultural tradition although it isi considered veryu violent and animalistic. It continues on today just out of spite of the fact that some people love it and bullfighting has been around for almost fifteen hundred years. Some of the largest bullfighting arenas are in Spain actually and which makes sense because bullfightin originated in that country. Another very famous and…show more content…
Spanish culture has continued on because the dedication and soul of the Spanish people. Without the soul and the heart that comes with the Spanish people their traditions would not be carried on today. Although some of them such as bullfighting tend to be looked down upon by those who disagree with the view of this tradition. Other traditions in culture such as the siesta which, has proven health benefits and the Flamenco which has transformed many cultures around the world. Spain is a very colorfully cultured country and its traditions are carried on today because of the heart and soul of the people that take pride in their

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