Compare And Contrast American Culture And Hispanic Culture

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The way of behaving or thinking, beliefs, custom, or arts in a particular society is known as culture. There are many different cultures in todays society, however some parts are alike while other parts are more diverse. American culture versus Hispanic culture has some similarities and differences. Whether its food, religion, language, politics, marriages, sports, family, hobbies, or technology; Americans share some of the same things as Hispanics. Hispanic food traditions in Spain are more “sacred and ritualistic” than American food traditions. They eat garbanzos, gazpacho, picadillos, pisto chock, eggplant, nisperos, higos chumbos, etc. It’s very common to eat fruit for a dessert. For breakfast it’s a no-no to eat eggs, instead its fruit or toast. Cereal is okay to eat if you’re a kid. Lunch is their main meal, and usually is a three-course meal. After lunch a la siesta takes place, which is a rest period usually for about two hours after eating. For snacks, Hispanics may have a pastry, muffin, or maybe chocolate milk. Dinner is usually a light meal. They have a somewhat strict eating …show more content…

is a very sports-minded country. Baseball, basketball, football, and hockey are the most watched along with many other sports. However baseball is known as “America’s favorite pastime”. In America, games are usually played within its country’s borders. If a game is played outside of the country they will call it a “world championship” or something of the like (American Behavior). The main sport for Spanish speaking countries is futból, which is also known as soccer. In Hispanic culture this sport is huge, everyone learns to play when a kid and continues to either pay or watch as an adult (Spanish Culture). Bullfighting and bicycling are also common in this culture. Hispanic cultures spreads through many different countries around Spain, therefore they would go outside country borders to play other teams for games (Understanding the Hispanic

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that american culture versus hispanic culture has some similarities and differences, such as food, religion, language, politics, marriages, sports, family, hobbies, or technology.
  • Explains that hispanic food traditions in spain are more "sacred and ritualistic" than american. they eat garbanzos, gazpacho, picadillos, pisto chock, eggplant, nispero
  • Explains that 90% of hispanics are roman catholic and 40% have a catholic membership. the american government believes in equality.
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