The Importance Of Situational Leadership

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participation. This is sharing the responsibility with my staff members. I feel that when a leader shares the tasks, it makes the staff feel that the leader is working along with them to get the task done. When I delegate task I want my people to feel that I am not throwing all the work on them and not doing my fair share. This to me helps morale by making sure my staff knows they are not alone when doing the work. I want my people to feel that I do trust them, but I am willing to work with them in order to get the work done. A good leader is one that leaders their people in the right direction and does what it takes to get the job done. This way the work gets done and everyone in the organization will work together to create success in the…show more content…
A good leader has to be persuasive, yet diplomatic in their leadership and not be a dictator (Plunkett, 2013). The weakness in the situational leadership theory is if a leader appears to be weak than the staff will take advantage of them. This means they will not respect authority. When staff members do not respect the leadership in an organization they will be less productive, lack motivation, some will even quit the job and move on to another job. The last thing any leader wants to appear is weak and fragile to their employees. An organization must have good communication with staff members and make them feel included even if it means asking them for advice. A good leader must be fair and impartial to ideas, goals, and missions that need to be accomplished in order for the organization to be successful. This means being persistent in getting staff members to participate in meetings (Schein, 2010). Communication is very important in any organization. A good leader has to be able to communicate clear ideas, create a powerful vision and mission for the future of the company, be able to solve problems, and communicate good decision making skills. This is done by creating a good team of people who are dedicated in the success of the organization. A good leader must be able to communicate to their managers to have good work ethics, be reliable, dependable, and…show more content…
I want to see if my staff is responsible, reliable, and willing to do what it takes for the success of the company. In any organization, a leader wants to know if they can trust their staff. This is very important because if they are in retail they will be in charge of being what is called a key carrying manager. This is a manager that will open and close a store and do all reports, promos, sales, and do all open and closing procedures. If I make a person a key carrying person, they will be responsible for making sure the store opens on time, and also closes on time. If a person does not open on time, this can cause the store to lose money, respect from customers, and lead to them being fired due to not following store procedures. This is a very important job and must be taken seriously. All organizations stress the need to have dependable people as part of their leadership team. In retail, it is very important that they have dependable people to be the key carrying managers (Foster, 2014). It is not easy to be a leader. A leader will have problems with people not showing up, coming to work late, people who are lazy and unproductive, or the ones who will use any excuse in the book not to do their jobs. A good leader must fire the unproductive people and bring in people who are dependable, energetic, and willing to do what it takes to make the organization
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