The Importance Of Sex Education In Schools

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We are all sexual creatures. At some point, we engage in sexual activity. In order to make sex enjoyable for both partners, learning about our own bodies is important. But, should sex be taught in school? People argue that sex should not be taught in school because informing teenagers about sex lead to them to having more sex. Over the years, schools have used their sex education courses as a way to prevent students from not having sex. In California, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that requires grades 7-12 to have a comprehensive sex education and HIV/STD prevention education (California). Educating students about how the anatomy of their bodies works, how to have a sexual relationship, and how to use contraceptions to protect themselves…show more content…
It’s important the schools educate students about sex, however there is a wrong way of teaching it. Schools often exaggerate information about STD’s and pregnancy to their students as a way to scare them from having sex. Emily Dawson, an 18-year-old high school student, filed a complaint against the sex education being taught at her school. Dawson’s teacher was known from making demonizing comments to the class such as, “Gonorrhea could kill you within three days” and “Girls should watch what they wear because boys don 't have self-control.” She stated that the teacher shamed students for having sex and refused to discuss topics about sexual orientation (Valenti). The abstinence only programs emphasize only on the consequence of sex and students smart enough realize it. Scaring students does nothing to decrease the number of unprotected sex because students don 't take what is being taught to them serious. The misinformation is a violation of the students’ right to be educated about their bodies. So students, like Emily, will not take precautions when they have sex. The abstinence-only programs are reinforcing negative attitudes towards sex instead of promoting safe…show more content…
The problem with abstinence-only sex education is that it limits their education on topics about contraceptives, sexual orientation, and pleasure. Sure, students can turn to their parents for answers. We all have heard of the dreaded “talk” from our parents. However, not all parents are willing to talk to their child about sex or preach a similar abstinence-only sex life. Having unanswered questions, most students’ understanding of sex comes from media or the internet. Obliviously, the media does not set the right example of how young adults should be engaging in sex. If we want to lower the numbers of teen pregnancies and the numbers teens contracting STD’s, it begins with having open conversations about sex. We are only damaging students by making sex seem sinful and having any thought or desire for sex seem wrong. When in actuality, the sexual needs are part of the human development. By educating students about sex they can have healthy and happy sexual
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