The Importance Of Renewable Energy (RE)

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Chapter 2 2.1 Renewable Energy (RE) Renewable energy refer to the energy resources that can be naturally generated over a short time scale and derived directly from the sun such as photochemical, thermal, photoelectric while indirectly from sun have wind, hydropower, biomass, or from other natural movements and mechanisms of the environment such as geothermal and tidal energy. 2.2 Importance of renewable energy Conventional energy such as fossil fuel have face critical level nowadays, in order to preserve the fossil fuel, need to take action like reduce energy consumption and substantially cut greenhouse gases. Renewable energy is one of the solutions to the problem. 2.2.1 Little to no global warming emissions Human activity have cause lot damage to our atmosphere with gases…show more content…
Prepared by Working Group III of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [O. Edenhofer, R. Pichs-Madruga, Y. Sokona, K. Seyboth, P. Matschoss, S. Kadner, T. Zwickel, P. Eickemeier, G. Hansen, S. Schlömer, C. von Stechow (eds)]. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom and New York, NY, USA, 1075 pp. (Chapter 9).) Expand the renewable energy usage would allow carbon-intensive energy sources been replace and crucially reduce global warming emissions. For example, a 2009 UCS analysis found that a 25 percent by 2025 national renewable electricity standard would lower power plant CO2 emissions 277 million metric tons annually by 2025—the equivalent of the annual output from 70 typical (600 MW) new coal plants [7]. Furthermore, study that been done by U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory explored the feasibility and environmental impacts associated with generating 80 percent of the country’s electricity from renewable sources by 2050 and the result show that global warming emissions from the electricity production could be reduces by nearly 81%.

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