The Importance Of Product Branding And Product Rebranding

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2.1 Introduction
Lately, most of the research studies on the product branding and product rebranding have been focused towards the positive aspects such as organisational profitability is increasing when products with brand that manufactured by a company get overwhelming responses from customers (Rot et al., 2010; Kotler & Armstrong, 2004; Zekeri, 2004) and the effect of current strategies of product brand development can give positive effect on profits generated by company and also organisational growth (Thompson, 2004; Kotler. P, 2004; Osuagwu, 2002; Brown, 2002).
Other than that, brand awareness and brand ethics also could lead to increasing the organisational profitability. Hence, brand awareness is the combination of brand loyalty, whereby …show more content…

The successful strategies of products branding and products rebranding would make sure the detection of changes is taking over in the market before rivalry and the advantages gained from this would be made available for customers (Zehir et al., 2011).
Other than that, the better strategies of product brand development in a company implicate taking risks by paying attentions towards competitions and at the same time hoping to distinguish its products position in marketplaces by promote the development of customer oriented perspectives and effectiveness of management performance in company (Drury, Segal-Horn & Chernatony, 2003).
2.2 Product Branding.
Variety research and studies have been conducted onto the transformation of an organisation consistent with branding issues (Merrilees 2007; Abimbola & Kocak, 2007; Wong & Merrilees, 2005; Abimbola, 2001). Literature of marketing is encountering a change from a company on branding strategies to entrepreneurial of branding for approximately 15 years. Even though there is a high of additional amount of profits in this industries, it is still indicated that the branding of product in Asean countries are as yet in the early stage of development (Abimbola & Vallaster, 2007; Spence and Essoussi; …show more content…

Furthermore, developing brands takes time and the methods to make the process shorter of internationalization views to obtaining brands, compared with creating them naturally (Liu & Buck, 2009). Obtaining brands also provides a fulfilment to the questions of the problems. There are some exemption, whereby China’s Haier has successfully builds its brand name in developing markets through combination of product innovation and market niching (Duysters et al., 2009).
The world of long-term branding is a complex and tricked with making of the research more attractive. A well-created branding process produces a self-concept and distinctive brand that prominent among competitors. So, H. G. Wells’ (2010) has made some observations and has expressed his observations as “it allows the achievements of producer exceeds the shoulder of the traders directly to the buyers” (p. 12).
At the current period of marketing trends, branding is a prominent and absolutely necessary of marketing function (Murphy & Scharl,

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