The Importance Of Parent Expectations In Today's Society

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Parent Expectations Jane Hull once said, “the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.” Having a good relationship with your parents is incredibly important in today’s society. Parents are our first reference when we encounter difficult moments. Parents hope and try to raise their children to have a better life than they did, but too often, parents cross the line with their hypocritically high standards. Customarily, some parents have higher expectations since they are expecting their children to make the right decisions every time. Throughout the world, parents have different expectations for their children. Nevertheless, there is one common thing that most parents want and that is for their child…show more content…
Setting expectations for one’s children is an essential responsibility of parenting. Additionally, expectations tell children what is important to parents and establish a standard toward which their children can strive. In the United States, many parents try to encourage their children to excel in academics, but the truth is that their children are having a difficult time since they cannot reach the expectations. “We live in a competitive society, so it's no surprise that parents feel pressure for kids to excel and compete. Yet the quest for perfection usually fails” (Christensen). Also, “Dr. John Duffy, a Chicago area clinical psychologist and author of "The Available Parent," advises that "Expectations should be high but reasonable” (Duffy). The evidence reveals that many American parents seem to expect their children to be perfect, but there is a lot of anxiety, and very little satisfaction, in this…show more content…
“Research has demonstrated that parental aspirations and expectations significantly predict student expectations and aspirations” (Benner & Mistry). Adolescents whose mothers expected them to continue their education further had significantly higher expectations for themselves to continue their education (Benner & Mistry). Fathers’ expectations for their adolescent child’s educational attainment also significantly predicted students’ own aspirations. Additional research has demonstrated that parental expectations significantly predict student expectations in the same way for both students with and without disabilities, demonstrating the critical role of parental expectations for both student populations

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