Parenting And Child Development Essay

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In this paper I am going to discuss child development, how it pertains to parenting and how parenting effects child development. I am also going to discuss parenting techniques and challenging behaviors.
Development is an orderly pattern of changes in structure, thoughts, feelings, or behaviors resulting from maturation, experiences, and learning. Development is a dynamic and continuous process as one proceeds through life, characterized by a series of ascents, plateaus, and declines. The human process of growth and development result from the interrelated effects of heredity and environment. Humans simultaneously grow and develop in physical, cognitive, psychological, moral, and spiritual dimensions, with each dimension being an essential part of the whole person. (Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2008, p. 393)
The stage of development that I have chosen is for the ages of two to five. This stage of development is rewarding to watch as a parent but can also be very challenging. During this stage of development children are learning so much, and they are trying to be independent. Children are reaching milestones and parents are wondering if they are raising children right, or disciplining them the way that they should be. I picked this stage of development because it is the stage that relates to my life the most right now, as two of my children are just coming out of this stage and I still have a child in this stage.
Some people ask why child development is important to understand, well it is important to understand for many reasons. You need to know about child development so that you as a parent know if your child is developing right and growing as he or she should in the emotional, physical and cognitive levels. While geneti...

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...o please you, so don’t go straight to yelling, try talking calmly with your children. Explain to them why they shouldn’t be doing the things that are inappropriate.
Parenting can be a huge challenge, but in the end it is worth every day you put into it. The years from two to five are probably the most rewarding because you are watching your child grow and learn in ways that you didn’t even think was possible. Over the course of this class and with doing the research to write this paper, I have found a lot of things interesting. I have learnt that I’m not alone and a lot of parents have the same issues I have with my own children, and that some parents have it even harder with their children. I have found that to be a positive parent it takes a lot of patience and it can be difficult to remember to keep your cool and talk to your children instead of yelling at them.
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