The Importance Of Order And Discipline

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Order and Discipline Should college professors be more like high school teachers? Are they one of the main reasons why most college students are struggling to get by? Like mostly every other college student, I miss high school. I miss the easiness and the pampering that we all had as our high school teachers would hold our hand through every assignment and lesson. I miss the short homework assignments and the blessed nights where we would have no homework at all. The stress we had in high school was minuscule compared to college stress. I think most students would be on my side when I blame the professors. Most college professors go through at least four chapters in two days, whereas a high school teacher would take up to two weeks on a single chapter. For example, calculus is the highest math class that a student will encounter. In high school, this…show more content…
Taking such a long break from class can lead to students losing their train of thought. If we lose our train of thought, we will be totally out of it during our next class. This also leads to students wanting to cut. What if someone didn 't feel like staying the three hours and gets exhausted and just leaves? Even if we went the three hours, we would be exhausted and most likely fall asleep in class. I know the counter argument would be why doesn 't the student do some homework or try to understand the lesson he just had during his break. But in reality, which student uses their break for school work? Its called a break for a reason. In high school, we weren’t given breaks. All we had was a half hour to an hour of lunch to relieve ourselves. But it wasn 't too much time to let us lose our train of thought. Due to that, I don 't think our class should be so widely separated. This all leads back to the fact that our professors should take attendance, and make sure their students don 't fall asleep in

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