Compare And Contrast High School And College Professors

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How do High School Teachers and College Professors Compare? Time and time again, education proves to be an incredibly important topic. This is because the education systems are responsible for adequately preparing students for positions of leadership, responsibility, and power as they get older. As Albert Cornelissen, the president of Windesheim University of Applied Sciences explains, “It is difficult to predict what tomorrow’s world will look like. All we know for certain is that we are educating the professionals of and for the future, the next generation” (193). Since these students will one day be the leaders of the future, it is crucial that they learn from properly qualified professionals. As students progress through the years of…show more content…
It is no secret that college students pay absurd amounts of money in order to attend college and receive a college education. Thus, it would only make sense for students to receive this education from top professors who are experts in their field of study. In fact, in order to become a college professor, one must have the proper credentials to be considered for the position. Additionally, college professors receive their salaries which are based, among other considerations such as which school they work at, upon these credentials and average at about $68,000 per year. Finally, according to Christopher L. Brown and Stephen M. Kosovich, professors’ ratings greatly impact the enrollment in their courses (497). This means that in order to receive positive teaching reviews, they must do their part as a favorable professor. On the other hand, high school teachers are not held to this type of standard. High school students do not have to pay nearly as much as college students in order to attend their high schools. In fact, most high school students attend public high schools, which are free to attend. Although high school teachers are certified to teach, they are not necessarily experts in their field of study, like college professors are. Thus, they are not paid as much and their salaries average at around $55,000—$13,000 less than that of the average college professor. For these reasons, college professors are held to a higher standard than high school teachers, and therefore teach their students more effectively. Secondly, college professors teach more effectively than high school teachers because they have no set curriculum that they are required to teach, while high school teachers simply prepare their students enough to pass a standardized

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