The Importance Of Jesus Ministry

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In Jesus’ ministry, there are three main emphases, teaching, preaching, and healing. “The lesson was clear. God is breaking through to the physical world (into the affairs of man) to heal.” (p. 143) Jim Lynn states that out of 3,779 verses in the four Gospels, 727 relate to healing the physical and mental diseases and raising the dead (p. 144). God through Jesus demonstrates His love for us by providing healing for our spirit, soul, and body. In the School of Christ, there is a model for healing today.
Yesterday’s Wisdom, Today’s Destiny
Jim Lynn goes back in history to show that before the AMA and modern medicine there are substances that the early people found valuable. So valuable, in fact, that complete trade routes and commerce sprung up around them. He gives some background about these substances so the reader can understand their importance during Jesus’ ministry. The list includes the balm of Gilead and the oil of
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Modern medicine manages the treatment of sickness and disease. That is it only purpose. This includes diagnosis, prescriptions, treatment protocols, and containment of disease, but not healing. “So understanding the difference between healing the sick and treating the sick is the difference between keeping the law and breaking it.” (p. 176) Under the First Amendment of our Constitution we are free to engage in healing the sick without government interference. God’s instruction for healing involves calling on the Lord, confession, repentance, faith, prayer, laying on of hands, and anointing the sick with healing oil (p. 177) There are those in the secular medical community who do uphold the Christian principles of healing, but they are few and far between. There is great pressure in medicine to ignore God, so it would be wise to do research before submitting to the secular medical
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