The Importance Of Interracial Relationships

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Before I started researching for this topic, I noticed that most of the interracial romantic relationships happen in UCLA involved Asian female student. I also noticed those Asian male students less participate in interracial relationship. Do Asian traditional values cause the imbalance interracial dating or marriage between Asian male and female student? I believe this situation can be explained with these three aspects: stereotypes, parent expectations and social expectation. While I am conducting a literature review, experience of racial discrimination appeared to the surface and has effect to the imbalance. The first factor is stereotypes. Stereotype has been around racial group and causing misunderstanding by over generalize a specify group for some many decade. (Guidera, 2014)…show more content…
(Chang, 2014) In the other words, the wife needs to adopt a new “culture”. Shih did an in-depth research on daughters in law and the family’s power dynamics in Taiwanese, Chinese American and Mexican American families. (Shih, 2011) She challenges the society’s stereotype on the family structure of these cultures. It is a similar case when an Asian men in an interracial marriage. The family of the husband will not be able to adopt the fact that after their son is married; he will leave the family and live with his wife. And if his wife is willing to live with the husband’s family, it is also a challenge to the husband’s parents which they need to learn a new culture, habits and lifestyle. (Chang, 2013)On the other hand, a daughter in an interracial relationship would be more acceptable to the family, since the Asian culture has told us that the daughter will leave the family when they get married. I believe the traditional above can be one of the reasons why Asian men is more resist to interracial
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