Gender Roles In The Window On Humanity By Kottak

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I decided to choose the Sex and Gender as my unit because it’s something I’m very close to. Right now, June 2015, we live in a world that has become open to the possibility of being able to love another person, whether it 's a romantic or friendly love, no matter the gender or identity they choose to belong to. I know there are many social protests in favor of the LGBT community’s rights and providing equality no matter the physical traits assigned or the emotional connections created. I chose 5 key terms from chapter 14 of “The Window on Humanity” by Kottak. The first key term was Gender Identity then there was Gender Stereotypes, followed by Gender Roles, then Gender Stratification, and lastly Sexual Orientation. Gender Identity is defined by Kottak as what “a person feels, and is regarded as, male, female, or something else” It’s significant because of the important stride the freedom gives individuals who don 't feel comfortable with who they are. Both 2014 and 2015 have been very…show more content…
It 's a growth of the gender stereotypes, the expected actions rather than the expected preferences assigned by society. Though America is one of the more socially developed countries of the world, there are still things we classify as gender roles. Things like the expectation that a boy asks for a girls number or things like a woman will be the parent that stays home with the children while the husband is out there doing business and making money to bring back to the family. Things like the expectation women wear make up and are allowed to let their bodies slack and not be body conscious, while a man uses his natural look and must maintain a fit, attractive body. There are many social campaigns surrounding getting rid of the gender roles of “housewives” and “natural beauty.” These gender roles place an expectation that things will be a set way, however this causes an unbalanced scale between men and
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