The Importance Of Interactivity In Digital Art

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Introduction It is clear that art is a creative process spanning across various discipline’s, platforms and genres; weather we talk about a canvas painting, a collage of stills placed strategically placed on a wall or in research case a piece of audio or video or a combination of both being manipulated by a performer/viewer (PV) in a specific space. ONCE UPON A TIME, visual art was simple: it originated with an artist’s conception and craft, which the viewer acknowledged and then strove to understand while standing before the object . (Simanowski 2011) Each one of these has its own creative process with one simple shared goal at the end for someone to view it. In this case we hope to research digital art and to be more specific interactivity in digital art. The idea of interaction by the performer/viewer as well as the link between the artist and the technologies employed for the interaction will be explored, we will also glance at the aesthetic of digital art and how a piece is shaped as well as the link between the viewer and the environment or space and how it looks when the PV interacts with it. Over the last forty years or so the boundaries of digital art have been and are still being pushed into new directions. Much of this is down to more research into the field as well as greater developments in both hardware and software, but some argue that the best development of all is the interdisciplinary communication between artists and engineers along with other technological specialists, which twenty or thirty years ago was not all that common. From the research it became clear that when one approaches an interactive art piece we are not quite sure what we may be doing, we could be watching a video piece, pus... ... middle of paper ... ...entioned previously in the introduction we know that interactivity in digital art is a relativity new concept and of course like anything new, things will develop. Technology and computers will continue to develop, and as a result of this interactive art will also develop, but the core categories mentioned will be paramount during the creative process for any artist approaching and designing an interactive digital art piece or system. It is without question that space, playfulness and the framework outlined by Cornock and Edmunds will remain an integral part of interactivity in digital art even with the developments that are undeniably going to occur in the potential of technology. Interactive digital art is a rapidly growing form of art. Its ability to communicate and engage an audience is powerful and artist have only just begun to take advantage of its potential.

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