The Importance Of Immigration And Refugee Population

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Too often the topic of Immigration and Refugee services are overlooked in society due to fear or lack of interest. This population needs more awareness for the critical issues the individuals may face such as poverty, unemployment, or abuse. Social workers’ role is to enhance the human rights and dignity for individuals and address their need and concerns. The importance of this is for the population to understand their rights to self-determination through empowerment. The social worker is there to serve and link the vulnerable to resources they need. Case management is a catalyst to help the immigration and refugee population achieve change for individuals who have been oppressed from limitations and restrictions placed by society. There are…show more content…
I would think that those who fall under this population to be hesitant to want to receive services, due to their safety. Even if they are legal immigrants there are still people in America who do not agree that they should be here or even working in the states (Gelfand, 1989). I believe that if they are working then they are trying to make a difference for their families and deserves the rights we as Americans have. I think something case managers need to be aware of is the cultural needs and barriers. A common one could just be language. Knowing the language is very important and allows you to understand on a more cultural anthropological level where they are coming from and their needs. I think society mostly against social workers in favor of helping this population, because they have never experienced it. Most people fear what they do not know, so even if case managers cannot do a lot to necessarily “change” policy or government attitudes then we could at least think of ways to advocate for a better lifestyle. Having a mutual understanding that we are all human beings that have basic needs and that there are people who are not receiving them. Then maybe society would be on the same page that social workers come
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