Caritas Process And Social Work

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Caritas and Social Work The primary mission of a social worker is to enhance human rights to those who are vulnerable, oppressed, or living in poverty. Caritas Processes was created to make the connection between caring, love, and human living processes (Watson, 2007). Caritas Processes has 10 factors that are identified to help make the connections. Social workers should be using Caritas Processes to successfully achieve their mission. This article will discuss Caritas Process and its relationship to social work. Caritas Process, human rights, and social workers work as a team to help vulnerable clients, without each other there would be no solution when people struggle in life.
National Association of Social Workers (NASW) All social workers
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It does not matter what nationality, place of residence, sex, ethnic origin, color, religion, language, or any other status the person is, everyone should be treated equally (United Nations human rights office of the high commissioner [OHCHR], 1996). There is an international human rights law that protects human beings against the government and that limits the government’s power on their people. Human rights are protected by the law to protect people or groups against any type of discriminations. There are different organizations that promote and protect human rights. Social workers should also protect and fight for their clients’ human rights. It’s important for social workers to be knowledgeable about human rights so they can be able to advocate for their clients. Social workers should also teach their clients about human rights and how all human beings are entitled to their human rights. All human beings should be aware and knowledgeable about their human rights and social workers can be…show more content…
Caritas processes in a why explains step by step what a social worker will do to help the vulnerable and oppressed by enhancing their human rights. All social workers have a mission and with Caritas Processes, they will be able to accomplish their mission. Social workers mission is to help the most vulnerable and oppressed, and Caritas processes will help social worker. Social workers need to use the ten factors of Caritas processes. When a social worker understands Caritas processes and is able to apply them in practice, social workers will be successful promoting human rights. Social workers need to understand both human rights and Caritas processes to be able to apply them to their clients. When a social worker is able to apply both Caritas processes and human rights, they will be able to help more vulnerable and oppressed people. The world will be in a better place, a change in one person is a change in the world. When people start believing in themselves, they start believing in others and people will start creating trusting-helping relationships. Unfortunately, individuals who are vulnerable and oppressed are individuals who are in poverty. These individuals are more likely to be discriminated which means their human rights are violated. Social workers play an important role, they are the ones to give hope and empower them to
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