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One of the most heavily debated subjects today in the United States is guns. Over the last few years, mass shootings and spree shootings have been covered widely in the media. It leaves many Americans wondering how we can just sit by and let this happen. However, this is no easy task to attempt to solve or something that will just go away overnight. Taking away the guns won 't solve anything or just fix the problem as a whole. The United States constitution not only protects, but guarantees the right to bear arms as an American citizen. Why should we let the acts of a few sick and mentally ill ruin the right for the rest of law abiding citizens. The focus should center more around tougher background checks and mental health. Many Americans,…show more content…
The United States is the last country on the planet to have the free and almost unrestricted use of firearms. We as citizens cannot just sit by and let our rights be stripped away. Through the use of better educating citizens, focusing on the person, not the tool, and explains the benefits of firearms, we see why guns are such an important and integral part of American life. Educating and making people more knowledge about firearms is no easy task. When most people see an "assault" style of rifle, they assume that it is a killing machine, not a tool. There is a stigma sounding weapons like that and people who own them. Someone opposed to assault rifles may ask, why if you are not in the military do you need one of those kinds of guns? The answer is simple. It is a right guaranteed in our constitution. Just because someone owns one of these weapons, does not mean that they are going to go out and commit mass murder. Gun control advocates also often point out the amount of lethal accidental shootings and suicides that occurs in the United States. They argue that taking away the guns could fix this problem in whole. Back in the fifties and sixties, firearm safety was taught in many classrooms…show more content…
Mental health is huge problem in the United States, especially when it allows certain individuals to have access to firearms. Politicians should aim to work more on keeping guns out of the hands of those who seek to harm others, not the law abiding citizens. But this is no easy task. In the CNN article, The real gun problem is mental health, not the NRA, the author, Mel Robbins, points how the mental health problem is to blame , not the gun. Robbins states "Next time there 's a mass shooting, don 't jump to blame the National Rifle Association and lax gun laws. Look first at the shooter and the mental health services he did or didn 't get, and the commitment laws in the state where the shooting took place." (Robbins) Like the first article, the author uses the ethical approach. How can we just sit by and let this keep happening? Many people seek help for mental illness and do not get the proper help that they deserve. If the proper steps were taken, some of these tragedies could have been prevented. The background check system should be a little tougher than it currently is. This is something that many law abiding gun owners agree on. Especially when it comes to the mental health part. Giving a mental health screening to somebody before getting a firearm would almost certainly help. However, no system is perfect. It would have its flaws. Not only is mental
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