The Importance Of Face To Face Communication

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Technology has all but gotten rid of the necessity of face-to-face conversation. As we rely on technology to communicate with others, our social skills and abilities to hold face to face conversations decline. Our daily interpersonal abilities to communicate with our peers, coworkers, and family are decaying. For some, internet communication replaces the need for real life interaction, reducing the amount of human contact they feel the need for. Similar to fake profiling, a computer screen allows for people to act differently online than they would in a real life situation. In awkward silences, we scroll aimlessly through our social media feeds to avoid the horror of face-to-face conversations. According to Eugene Spafford, a professor of computer science and engineering at Purdue University, those with social anxieties may find communication online easier, however it only replaces true emotions with emojis or meaningless words. Eugene stated, “The ability to express opinion and emotion is replaced with flaming and emoticons, which are much less nuanced. The level of…show more content…
The flourishing brains of young people are easily adapted to the habit of switching tasks, decreasing their ability to pay attention. Our generation is having difficulties with sustained attention, for example becoming involved in a novel. Larry Lannom, vice president for the Corporation for National Research Initiatives claims that, “People must be taught to think critically and how to focus. If they are, then the network is a rich source of information. If they aren’t, then it will be a source of misinformation and mindless distraction” (“Teens, Technology, and Human Potential in 2020”). This applies to our generation, especially those who play video games and can find distraction within anything. Lasting attention is not something these gamers see eye to eye with and will struggle with later on in

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