The Importance Of Deaf People

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Should deaf people have the freedom to make money however they want? This is one of the controversial issues in the deaf community; if the deaf peddlers should be allowed to peddle ABC cards in public areas or not. The reason it is so controversial is because it’s set up to stereotype deaf people as being unable to work and that they are not educated enough to get a real job. The stereotype is also the very reason that deaf people are unable to get a job because of the discrimination that deaf people are facing. Hearing people can also take advantage of this since it is easy to pretend as a deaf person, making it difficult for the public to trust deaf people and see them in such a negative way. Therefore, I believe that deaf people should not…show more content…
That is why it is called a stereotype, because it is not necessarily true about the deaf population that they are not educated enough to get a job. It’s mainly to do with the fact that deaf people find it very difficult to find a job where the employers will agree to the ADA law and provide the services as needed for the deaf employee. Many of the businesses do not want to use up more resources for a deaf person, so they instead do not give the job to a deaf person and lie to them saying that it is because they were not qualified for the job. A deaf peddler can also create fear in hearing parents with deaf child(ren) that they do not want their children to become like them. “Most damaging is the fear that strikes the heart of a mother or father whose child has just been diagnosed as deaf and thinks “Is my daughter or son going to become one of t-h-e-m?” (Tweet Explained) referring to the deaf peddlers, so the stereotype is very detrimental to the deaf people and their…show more content…
There are many ways that deaf people feel oppressed by hearing people, for this we will focus on peddling aspect of the oppression. How is that deaf peddlers are oppressed? Hearing people pretend to be deaf peddling people to sell ABC cards so they too can make money. It’s not fair to deaf people since jobs are already prioritized to be given to hearing people over deaf people that even a deaf person’s native language is being taken advantage of by hearing people as well. Deaf people are already going through many hardships (discrimination, isolated, in minority group disregarded and oppressed by the majority group, and many other things) in their lives and they should deserve to have a good life too. They shouldn’t have to be forced to peddle ABC cards which can very degrading and they have to compete with hearing people
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