The Importance Of Crime And Poverty For Crime

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The paper explains how neighborhood and poverty can be responsible for the crime. In other words, social disorganization and poverty have a great impact on crime and delinquency. Criminal’s behavior differs in terms of economy and social influences. Some criminologists have done extensive research in economic condition to find out if the economy causes crime. If the crime is the cause of the poverty, so there should be more crimes where poor people live. Criminologists compare in their research about the time of economic downturn with the time of economic prosperity and crime on rich areas and poor areas. In the context of geographical locations which are not socially balanced, unlawful activities may create their root. Shaw and Mackay are…show more content…
In other case, Arnold and Brungardt (1983: 113) denied the relationship between crime and social disorganization. In case of neighborhood role, Durkheim’s argued that the quick social change affect the growth of crime due to falling down in social control. Their argument was motivated by the rapid change of the neighborhood environment rather than the rapid change of the entire society. William Alex presented strong evidence from two large national surveys of England and Wales that repeat and lengthen Shaw and McKay’s model of community social disorganization. Especially, William’s (2011) research recognized that communities categorized by the different small group of networks such as undisciplined teenage group and friendship networks. This research proves that Shaw and McKay’s theory explains that crime and delinquency rates in a culture other than the…show more content…
Especially in the colonized areas there has been a great alert of crime amongst civilians. Those civilians are in good economic conditions, for example, a good house, and a nice car hold the fear of crime in their mind. In other words, people who are not in a good economic condition may be interested in mugging those who are in the good economic situation. This is an ancient belief that poverty increases crime. This is understandable that people who have less money are more inclined towards crime. According to most of the sociologists, the crime is a creation of human beings. It means crime is influenced by whole society and not just free will (Bernard 2010, p.94). This theory offers the confidence that if we change the environment, then crime rate may change (Bernard et al., 2010, p. 94). Social disorganization and economic situations may affect crime and delinquency. Many researchers have done extensive research on a different aspect of socio-economic situations. Some suggested that lack of proper education, economic stability, transportation and another benefit somehow responsible for the crime. The absence of good marketing condition may lead individuals to search for unlawful marketing. This unlawful work can cause of violence and delinquency. In case of graphical locations, unlawful work can create their root in any part of the world. Shaw

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