The Importance Of Community Needs Assessment

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1.1 Introduction
Community needs assessment is of interest to us as it allows an insight to the needs and decision making process (Loue, Lloyd, O 'Shea,2002: p. 18) of the community needs through the use of community needs assessment. The report delves into the ideas of what a needs assessment is focusing on Bradshaw’s taxonomy and the gap between current result and desired results (Beckers,1997: p. 4). The report also address the importance of needs assessment in the profession of social sciences and how stakeholders and global and local principles are crucial factors that contribute to needs assessments and the importance of them in social sciences. The last thing the report address is how needs assessment applies to my chosen profession
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Avon and Somerset Police (2015) states that a ‘need assessment helps aim to identify and assess the issues that are likely to impact upon local crime and community safety.’ This plays a significant role as it allows for police officers to assess the needs of the community in order to stop crime prevention and stop local crime and to keep the community. The needs assessment is also important for police officers as it tell them the needs within the community from the gap between current result and desired results (Watkins et al., 2012: p.19) and how stakeholders can invent programs that police officers can enforce to help keep the community safe, reduce crime prevention and police the community (NSW Police, 2015). 4.2 Community Safety Precinct Committees
NSW Police (2015) has a program in place called Community Safety Precinct Committees (CSPCs) which is a program which came from a needs assessment. The CSPCs allows for local stakeholders to come together with the community, local business and the local police to discusses and talk about strategies designed to address local crime (NSW Police, 2015). Programs like these are important for the police as it shows them where improvements in the community are needed and what area need policing. It also allows for the community to have a say with the stakeholders on what needs are needed within the community.
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