The Importance Of Communication In Communication

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In this assignment will be about “How does Deaf communicate and what languages do they use to communicate?” Communication is vital for everybody in all situations such as home, schooling, socially and in the workplace. Many people are unable to communicate using words such as, hearing impaired. A language has been developed in Australia, which therefore it called Auslan, to enable the profoundly deaf to communicate with both the hearing and the non-hearing throughout their life; enabling them to participate in society and workplaces successfully. The main languages areas that will be looking into are eye contact, body languages/ facial expression, touching/ gaining attention and nodding. I have been a part of Cora Barclay Centre since I was…show more content…
Nod may includes: an understanding of the message rather than agreement, an understanding of the signs used rather than the information presented to acknowledge the person is paying attention to what is being signed or said, (Deaf Service, Queensland, 2015). Here some tips for when talking to a hearing impaired person: DO: ● Always speaking clearly with normal average voice not too low or too high ● Along speaking to them, make sure you always have their attention which this includes eye contact and face to face ● When talking as a group, always try to take turn when talking that way a Deaf person is not missing out too much information. ● If they do not understand from what being said for the first time, repeat it but try to re-phasing from what it have been said, so you not repeating everything ● Always make sure that they know what topic of conversation is about ● Always making sure that they understand what you have said before continuing the rest of the story, (Deaf First,…show more content…
From the result, it shows that 87.50% have said yes, they should have sign language as a subject at school. This sign language as second at school could be handy for non-hearing impaired not just for Deaf because they could use it any time such as body languages or even to communicate. From the survey , they have said:“ Always handy to know and useful too” and “ I learnt a little bit a sign- it was fun and I think it would be fun for others to learn, it may help them in years to come knowing this

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