The Importance Of Colors In The Great Gatsby

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In the iconic book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, a story about a wealthy man chasing the fantasy of being with his former love, colors expressed more than what was on the page. Over the course of events narrated by Nick Carraway, one could easily identify that colors meant more than they appeared. Colors like red indicated emotions like anger and others like yellow indicated multiple concepts, one of them being danger. In The Great Gatsby, the name “Daisy” and her character’s personality/actions can be interpreted as the colors and structure of a daisy flower to shed the dynamics of her character. The “green stem” of Daisy, meaning what supports her and holds her together, is money. Daisy Buchanan’s structure for life is money. On page 151, Fitzgerald describes Daisy after Gatsby left for war. He writes that “She wanted her life shaped now, immediately---and the decision must be made by some force---of love, of money, of unquestionable practicality---that was close at hand.” She could have had it all in life, love and money, but she initially chose not to be with Gatsby because he did not have money. It is possible that Daisy would have waited for Gatsby and not married Tom if Tom did not have the money that he possessed, but the idea of marrying Tom was too convenient and practical. for Daisy to pass. Another way that the color…show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald used colors in the The Great Gatsby to portray more than just imagery. Fitzgerald used colors to convey emotions, the setting, and underlying tones for motives. The character Daisy can be interpreted as a metaphor. One can connect the colors used to describe Daisy in the book to interpret her motives and emotions through the dichotomy of a daisy flower. One way to interpret Daisy is the green of the stem describes the structure of her character, the white of the flower describes what others see of her, and the yellow inner of the flower describes what is really on the inside of her

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