The Colorful Characters of the Great Gatsby

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Daisy Buchanan is the preeminent female character in the story. Her name, Daisy fits her exceptionally, she is bright and sunny like the flower. Daisy is best represented by the color yellow. She’s the story’s golden girl, the wife of wealthy broker, and the love of the mysterious Gatsby’s life. Grok describes the color yellow as “Deities with glowing halos and golden hair…But it also evokes a few negative responses in associations with dishonesty, cowardice, egoism, betrayal, and caution” (Grok). Daisy is described physically as a blonde, and back then the style along women was the flapper headband, like the glowing halo. In the story Daisy is dishonest, she cheats on her husband with Gatsby. Daisy is also a coward, she couldn’t leave Tom, her husband, who treats her like property for Gatsby, who truly loves and idolizes her. Daisy once tells Nick when telling him about her daughter, “I hope she’ll be a fool. That’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool” (1.17). Daisy is immensely obsessed with what people think of her, she likes being the girl who has this beautiful and graceful aura. This quote displays how she want’s her daughter to grow up to be just like her, the image of a weak foolish girl who lets men push her around. Betrayal is the emotion that Nick feels when she skips town instead of attending Gatsby’s funeral. Grok also writes that, “When paired with black, it suggests warning” (Grok). Gatsby is the color black, while Daisy is the color yellow. When the couple reconcile there is a multitude of trouble that eventually leads to the death of Myrtle, George, and Gatsby himself. Daisy isn’t just the bright ray of sunshine; she is also just as troublesome as Grok describes her, which is why th... ... middle of paper ... ...ositive connotations that Grok associates with purple are “Intelligence and creativity” (Grok). I am intelligent because I believe myself to be a hardworking and determined student. I have all A’s, well except for Algebra, but grades aren’t the only thing that intelligence is based on, right? Growing up with my mother being a painter and my father being a graphic designer I originate from a very artistic family. I express my creativity in many diverse ways. I fancy writing, photography, and decorating my room in my own style. Most of all I think I am highly creative when it comes to the way I dress. Fashion has always been a tremendous part of my life, that’s why that moving to New York City and working in the fashion industry is my green light. The color purple is a mix of blue and red, like the mixture of excitement and calmness, which overall describes me.

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  • Analyzes how daisy buchanan is the preeminent female character in the story. she is bright and sunny like the flower, and the color yellow evokes negative responses like dishonesty, cowardice, egoism, betrayal and caution.
  • Analyzes how gatsby throws lavish parties at his gaudy mansion where hundreds of people from west egg come to every friday night.
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