The Importance Of Coaching An Employee

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Coaching an Employee Coaching subordinates is a critical skill that leadership must learn and embrace. Coaching as defined by Lussier and Hendon (2016, p. 326), is “the process of giving motivational feedback to maintain and improve performance”. Leadership must self-reflect on their ability to coach and seek the necessary training to perfect the skill. Coaching requires a partnering with a client in a manner which inspires the client to build-up their professional and personal potential (Thompson, Wolf, & Sabatine, 2012). The coach must have compassion, strength and a vision when working with an employee, while assessing the the employees strengths to envision them as a stronger, successful worker (Tyra, 2008). A coach monitors…show more content…
As a Nursing Supervisor, there are many circumstances that arise where there is potential for conflict. If the conflict is not dealt with in a timely fashion and manner, it may ultimately affect employee moral, increase turnover, decrease patient and family satisfaction, promote power games, and affect the well-being of the organization (Iglesias & Vallejo, 2012). Utilizing effective conflict management strategies can decrease the negative impact of conflict, which will lead to a more trusting environment and a healthier workforce (Chan, Sit, & Lau, 2014). Healthcare professionals need the training to aquire the skill of conflict resolution, along with being able to show understanding, and offer support and comfort in challenging circumstances (Thistlethwaite, 2013). The goal for Kerry will be to have an increased understanding withthe importance of conflict management and resolution. She will have training and coaching in this area with an improvement in her skill of managing conflict. This skill of being able to manage conflict will be the primary focus of her…show more content…
Questions which are important to ask Kerry regarding IV starts include: where is the best placement of an IV on this particular patient? What size guage is most appropriate for the given scenario? When the tissue is frail, what is the best technique to assure access without blowing the vein? The additional experience of having Kerry spend a day in the cancer center will aide in increasing her skill in IV starts on difficult patients. Coaching questions regarding conflict management will included: what approach did you use upon entering the conflict scenario? What emotions were you feeling? Were you able to control your emotions and if so, what techniques did you use to control your emotions? Was the conflict resolved and if so, were the parties involved settled at the end of the scenario? If the parties were not settled, what further actions could she do to bring forth closure to the conflict? Step Five: Observing the

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