The Importance Of Cheating In Sports

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In the real world, cheaters do prosper, and no one seems to care – I do. Bending or breaking the rules only create worthless victories. The lamentable fact is that sometimes cheaters do prosper. Cheating is the new norm in our lives, from sports to taxes. People who are good at cheating gain prestige and respect for working smarter, not harder, but that is immoral and a fallacy. Cheaters devalue the efforts of those who came before and those who will follow them in any particular field. Particularly, it reverberates through sports and my goal is to be a paragon of good sportsmanship and not cheat. The most important moral principle in my life to win through hard work and effort without cheating. Running is my sport of choice and the focus of many things in my life. There are ample opportunities to cheat in a running event. You can use chemical enhancers, which were the downfall of many top performing athletes, resulting in their disgrace and removal from coveted pinnacles like various Halls of Fame. A particular and personal incident came at a High School track meet. I came from behind in my training after an illness and surpassed several of my teammates. Seeding, or where you start in a race on a track, can make…show more content…
In the past, being caught cheating was a source of great shame, but now expected. There are few things that make me as angry as cheating. I, and many others, put so much effort into doing something the right way, and along comes someone who could be good – perhaps not great, but good – and they shoot some drugs into their body, pay someone to write a paper, or claim a dead relative on their taxes as a dependent. For every cheater who comes out on top there are more who tried to do the right thing and miss out on scholarships, sponsors, and that one coveted slot at the Olympic

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