Ethics In Sports Case Study

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In the sports world, as much as in the political, social or corporate world, ethics is put to the test at all times. Most athletes spend their career trying to overcome many barriers in order to gain notoriety and achieve good results with the objective of winning titles and, especially, to have great future opportunities, as for example, being awarded with an athletic scholarship. Unfortunately, some athletes in the eagerness to reach this goal, end up passing the limit of what is considered ethical. The big problem is that some athletes, due to the lack of orientation, end up being punished and labeled as unethical without even knowing what is happening. As for example accepting to take certain supplements given by their trainer to enhance their performance.…show more content…
All this little acts of elegance and good sportsmanship can be related to what is called “fair play.” Fair Play can be represented as the attitude and behavior of athletes participants of a sports competition, which includes honesty, respect, empathy, acceptance of rules and regulations, among many others components. Therefore, Fair Play can be defined as ethics in the sports world. Unfortunately, personal, business and commercial interests might not directly correlate to the goals and standards of

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