The Importance Of Change In Education

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“The only thing constant in life is change”. French author Francois de la Rochefouchauld captures the essence of change so well in that quote. Considering how often we must handle changes, the educational community struggles. When looking at a district it is easy to find all of the areas that could use improvement. Creating focus and a plan for a specific change requires careful consideration and a lot of time to manage the change. In the Spring-Ford Area School District, there is so much that is going right, despite the need for a significant curriculum updates and adjustments as well as a comprehensive professional development plan. According to Kotter, change occurs in eight stages. Beginning with a sense of urgency and…show more content…
It simply needs to get done. The teachers need to be able to come to work each day knowing that they are utilizing updated documents, resources and instructional practices. The curriculum department has made some critical time frame errors and has cost the district in many ways. Building back the trust and feeling of support is necessary to this reframing process as well. The two biggest factors for this type of change is time and money. The money has been committed by the board. They have put into place additional human resources and expect results. They have approved additional funds over the next four years for more staff and new resources. The time that teachers and others will need to commit to the process needs to be valued and structured. There needs to be short term victories and they need to see the big picture. In the end, this process could take as long as three years or could be done in 18 months. The longer it takes the more everyone will need to be reminded about “why” we need to make the change. If the curriculum department can lead the district through the process, grounded in the vision of high quality education, the reframing will be a positive experience. There will be always a push to improve standardized scores and overall achievement of students. The district will be in a better position to support students with better informed teachers and aligned
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