The Importance Of Being Earnest Book Review

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692 words

Kaba 3 Saran D. Kaba Cristin Thomas Drama 1310-86007 12 December 2015 The importance of being Earnest Review The Importance of Being Earnest was performed for the first time on February 1895, is considered to be Oscar Wilde’s masterpiece. The play is about two men, Jack Worthing and Algernon Moncrief, who are living in England in the 1890’s. These men have dual identities in both the town and the country in order to escape their normal lives and both choosing the name of Earnest. Oscar Wilde’s play is a Victorian melodrama and a classical marriage comedy where couples fall in love buy cannot get married for various reasons. I attended the comedy performance on Saturday, December 5 at the Northeast Drama Playhouse at Tarrant County College

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the importance of being earnest, performed for the first time in 1895, is considered to be oscar wilde's masterpiece.
  • Explains that the through-line connected the events of the play to the overall story, and became the journey that they traveled from the beginning.
  • Analyzes how the language, which is different from the one we use today, was easy to understand for a modern audience, while the comedy was also relatable to the contemporary audiences.
  • Analyzes how the set, costume designs, and props were taken right out of the 1800's and enhanced the production. the set was comprehensible and humorous while keeping its environment for the period.
  • Analyzes how all the movements, including actor entrances and exits, as well as lighting and sound prompts helped the overall production performance to capture the audience’s attention.
  • Analyzes how the talent of the actors produced amusement on stage and brought oscar wilde's piece to life.
  • Opines that they enjoyed the importance of being earnest at the northeast drama playhouse. the actors played jack and algernon, both pretending to be ernest, were their favorite characters.
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