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824 words

Everyone always says the story is always better than the movie, let’s say it’s always the truth. ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ is a theatrical play about two men Jack and Algy. Jack is a man from the country who lies saying his name is earnest when he goes into the city, he is very in love with Algy’s cousin Gwendolen. Lady Bracknell is Gwendolen’s mothers who very much does not like jack what so ever. Algy is a man in very much debt who ends up falling in love with Jacks ward Cecily, he also has some lies about who is. The whole point of lying about who they both are was to get away from the everyday lives they lived and not worry about being found out. In 2002 this famous play was turned into a movie, sadly though a lot of scenes were …show more content…

In the script everything will take place in Jacks country house and we will be introduced to Cecily and she will meet “Ernest” aka algy who she falls in love with. Meanwhile in the movie they actually took scenes like meeting Cecily and her teacher miss prism and put them early in the movie. They kept Cecily meeting algy in the same place but added scenes of her crazy fantasies to give let you know what she has been dreaming about. Moving meeting Cecily earlier into the movie helps you understand who Cecily is because they do hint a lot about who she is. I love how they added little snip it of what cecily is day dreaming about because they make her seem like a hopeless romantic and it give a little bit of comedy. The script makes you wait to meet her and I mean you can’t automatically add her to a random scene in a play but I would rather it be all in order and not be placed earlier as they did in the …show more content…

Although I will always love the original, the script, the movie was so fun to watch. We got know why lady bracknell is who she is since she apparently was a dancer and got life by having a baby. We found out instead of hugging miss prism got engaged to dr. chasuble which was interesting. Although I want to say what the real change was in the movie compared to the script you got have to watch the movie all the way through. It will be the biggest surprise of your

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how 'the importance of being earnest' is a theatrical play about two men, jack and algy.
  • Analyzes how a lot of scenes were added in the movie compared to the script, since they have more time and space. the addiction gives it more life, showing the life of wealthy people at the time.
  • Analyzes how in act two a lot is switched and placed in different places in the movie.
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