The Importance Of Being An American

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If you asked people around the world what it meant to be an American they may simply reply that American’s are “free”, but American citizens know that it is much deeper than that. An American is someone who understands that all power must be balanced and not solely trusted into a single individual to reduce the amount of corruption in the system. Being an American means being more involved in current events and politics as it is an important part of living in a country where you are entrusted with electing your government officials. Being an American also includes rights that cannot be infringed upon such as voting in those elections, speaking freely with your own opinions, bearing arms within the legal limits, and practicing your favored religion without forcing it upon those around you. Being an American is made up of many things including learning how take the good times with the bad as every country has to do.…show more content…
On June 26, 2015 the Supreme Court declared that same-sex marriage would be declared legal in all fifty-states. Even if I personally do or do not support same-sex relationships the fact that there were restrictions on a person’s free will to marry the person of their choice was disappointing. This is not the only policy change that made me proud to be an American (of course the legalization of marijuana in several states would be on that list as well), but it sticks out in my mind as a moment when America took a giant step forward. It became one of fifteen other countries that decided that it was the choice of an individual citizen, and had no reason to legally be restricted. American citizens became a little more “free” that day, and that made me proud to be one of
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