The Importance Of Being A Creator

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What does it mean to be a “Creator” or being the “Victim” of a situation that has occurred? Everyone has been a victim before, but there is difference with how each person that has responded to a situation before. A “Creator” is the person who will ask questions and try to solve the problem(s) that the situation has created. A “Victim” is the person who will try to find an escape of responsibility and feel oppressed of the situation by blaming others or outside forces. No matter what the situation is, there is always a way to fix it and a way to escape it. A close friend of mine was a “Creator” even though there was not much he could do about it. My closest friend John was in the amidst of his family collapsing. Having a responsibility for…show more content…
My friend Sarah although not as close, we were in class together and I would say morning to her everyday. She was having family issues that were outside and the parents were fighting over the fact of them leaving to help the grandparents and did not have the money too. Being an only child like me she thought that everything was about her and what she said was the way things went. When I tried to say morning to her she was quiet to herself and if had the chance avoided everyone. One day she blew up, blaming her parents about how everything was falling. Then she blamed the teachers for giving homework that it was distracting her from home. When I had the chance to talk to her, I said “Why would you avoid us like that..? We are here for you why don’t you let us help” she responded “There’s nothing you can do it’s too late, you’re just a child like me what power do you have?” I grew silent as I thought I am just a child, then responded to her “You’re right I’m just a child and have no power over adults, but I can be responsible for the things I can do, and ask those with the same and more power to help me, and give me the power to be more than a child.” After that she moved away to where I do not recall but I know wherever she is, she made her decision. The difference and similarities of these two stories was who they were and the people around…show more content…
It was my final school year and the work came in stacks to prepare me for college. I had a lot of responsibility as being “the man of the house.” My job they told me was to focus on school and graduate, but also to help mom around the house with chores more often than usual. Then an outward force drew my mom’s attention more than work at home, I was left to do the housework as well as school while my mom broke-down in shambles. I was not as scared or worried as her but it really stressed her out and all I could do was stand there blocked by school and housework. With her friends and family around we finally agreed to move, so all together we moved houses in two weeks. By the end of it I realised all I did was stand there and be the outside influence. I took responsibility of the house when dad was gone and mom was so distracted that she could not do anything
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