The Importance Of Apple In China

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Bravo! Apple has finally acheived its goal, geared towards spreading spreading its retail foot prints in the greater china region. China indeed has gotten a very large bite of apple in just a space of two years. Apple has succeeded in opening 480 retail stores across 17 countries. China being one of these countries, is getting its 39th and 40th apple retail stores opened this June. Apple is seriously spreading its retail stores in the important cities of china its second largest market. By now we should be lost in thoughts as to why China is getting a big bite of apple every passing day. Well, this is because Apple has had a goal of operating 40 apple stores in China in the space of two years as quoted by the Apple retail chief…show more content…
A detailed location of the opening apple store in China is very much included. The 39th Apple Chinese store which is the second apple store that will be opening in Tianjin Hexi district just this year will be at the Galaxy International Shppping center on 9 Le Yuan Road in the city's south west Hexi district. While the 40th Apple store in China which happens to also be the second Apple store in Shanghai just this year will take off at the New Hopson one complex; This complex houses also a shopping mall, hotel, office building and even more. It is at 1099 Xiangyin Road in Wujiaochang, Yangpu District. Even in China, Tianjin and Shanghai are having even larger bites than other cities, hosting two Apple stores each. Guess what! These new Apple chinese stores have come with mouth watering deals. Unlike many other stores in North America and Europe, which have limited hours of operation , these new Apple stores in China will be operating throughout the seven days of the week from 10am to 10pm; This deal indeed is very…show more content…
The great demand for these Iphones has placed most of the Chinese citizens in the middle class. This aggressive purchase of Apple's very own IPhone 6 has really pushed up its revenue; 71pc to $16. 8bn. Apple recorded a total sales of 61. 2m Iphones in just three months prior to March. So wonder less y Apple is bent on expanding its retail store in every nook and cranny of China. China even gave Apple a helping hand in selling its smart phones in other Asian countries. At the same time, Peter was robbed to pay Paul. In the sense that as the sales of IPhones in Apple stores in China is on the increase, that of Ipads is on a rapid decrease. Too bad for our dear Ipads. Its sales dropped from 21.4m to 19.5m and now to 12.6m in just in just the second quartar. The excited Chief executive Tim Cook even commended China and its Apple stores for its great sales of iphones within a short period of time. He said the bulk of their sales were going to middle class in China and they would continue to invest in
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