The Importance Of An Advisory Board

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My thoughts on the use of a Salvation Army Advisory Board. Prior to the start of the course on “Advisory Board Development,” I took for granted the importance of an advisory board’s assistance to the corps, in completing the mission of The Salvation Army. I had prior exposure to a couple of advisory boards, however, my exposure was limited to a few meetings I was able to attend. The discussions usually centered on normal Salvation Army agendas, related to the corps. Therefore, I was unable to gather enough information to conclude and recognize the importance of an advisory board.
In this course I have realized that an advisory board is important and essential to the corps. An advisory board has a broad representation of people that help the …show more content…

“What makes a Good Advisory Board a Great Advisory Board?” My response to this question can be seen in Jim Collins book, “Good to Great…,” where he states, “Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline” (Collins 126). A good advisory board is one that only accomplishing the minimal requirements set for advisory board members. A great advisory board is one that seeks to exceed expectations. However, this only happens as an advisory board makes the conscience choice of exceeding the minimal expectation. In connection to the conscious choice is discipline, an advisory board must train and develop in all areas of …show more content…

First, there is the responsibility of defining and clarifying for prospective, new, and exciting members the role of a Salvation Army Advisory Board. Defining and clarifying the role of an advisory board is important because without it, one cannot determine their responsibility and the decisions they can and cannot make. By doing this one empowers the advisory board to be creative and free to work within the parameters provided, in order, to extend its influence further for the benefit of The Salvation Army.
The second item that makes a great advisory board is closely related to the first item mentioned and that is to define the expectations of individual advisory board members:
1. The expectation is to help comprise a strong board by attending monthly meetings, volunteering on special projects, serving on a committee, and making a financial contribution
2. The expectation to use their circle of influence in their family, business, church, and personal interests to help enhance the Army 's mission
3. The expectation to help those in the community who are less fortunate and who are in need of the Army 's

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