The Importance Of A Good Education Is A Foundation For A Better Future

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“A good education is a foundation for a better future.” ~ Elizabeth Warren. The reasoning behind why I want to go to college is to better my future. I am considered one of the first generation in my family to go to college, putting a lot of meaning behind why I believe I should go on to a different path. From a very young age I have always held high expectations of myself, even of the numerous changes in careers I had obtained an interest in. I have always envisioned myself going to college because I certainly value education. I believe that the more education I receive, the more valuable I am to this generation of the work force. Not only does my passion of learning hold place in the reasoning behind why I want to go to college, but because of my role models growing up. My parents both encourage me on a daily basis to go to college, and have encouraged my initiative to seek more in life. My father once explained that he once had this opportunity to receive a free ride to college but decided to stay home and start a family. He of course never looked back or regretted his decision because if not I wouldn 't be here today, but he encouraged me to take on these amazing offers and plan my future wisely because I too can have amazing opportunities for my future come my way. I ever since, have always put my all into becoming studious, and organized with my work. In like manner, I also believe college is the right future for me because of my choices in options for careers. For a very long time I have always known I would work in the health field. I went back and forth through different careers changing my mind. But it all led back to wanting to help people heal. I have found a great interest because of my own experiences too. I... ... middle of paper ... ...e, and it’s cost. When thinking where I truly want to go to college with the exception of finishing ECP in my senior year of highschool, I also was very interested in Dartmouth College. Dartmouth, although out of state, is not too far away from home, is an Ivy League College, offers a wonderful MD program for a major, and is my top choice college after leaving the ECP. Similar to, UVM appealed for the same reasons although not an Ivy league, but still has a wonderful MD program and is in-state. These colleges met my standards, because they met the aspects of all things I took into consideration when thinking of colleges that I would one day receive the pleasure of attending, and which one fit right for my career path. Therefore, leading me to a successful path, these colleges are outstanding post secondary options for me to address after completing high school.

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