The Impact of Technology on Human Resources Management

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Here is the most ongoing debated topic, ‘The impact of technology on human resource management’ in present world. There are various technologies being used in an organization everyday like information technology, projector, telecommunication systems, etc. This article will be mostly focusing on information technology as it is largely being used in every organizations or businesses day today activities. Here we will discuss some of the important variables connected with IT and HRM. To test the impact of these variables, we have quantitatively done surveys; questionnaires. The survey was conducted among the human resources department of four large companies of Al Ain, UAE. Based on the report, article talks about sample selection, methodology, research design and analysis of data performed. The outcomes are than compared with the hypothesis; i.e. technology has positive impact on HRM and IT usage takes recruitment, management, maintenance and development tasks to a different prototype. The major findings of the study proves that information technology has strong correlations with the identified variables; recruitment, management, maintenance and development activities. INTRODUCTION The functions of Human resource management in various organizations and companies have attained an incrementing value of strategy. The emphasis of HRM and these business strategies are well recognized. In order to satisfy the marketing needs of hard-working and qualified employees, an efficient and effective HRM should be taken to a high consideration. Information technology and human resource management are interlinked together as both of these alignments highly influence each other on a large scale. In the recent days, the professionals should h... ... middle of paper ... ... With the help of IT and its various applicable techniques the included strategies and procedures in order to manage the organizations could be achieved efficiently. Setting up technological information and ideas to manage all the employees is also a defying variable of this article. - Maintenance and development of tasks: Keeping a constant record of the progressing tasks and monitoring them critically in every department of the organization is an effective way to maintain tasks and identify out risks/issues and develop them accordingly. This variable requires technical approaches which is enhanced by the information technologies. - Technology itself: These days, it is commonly known that the proficiency of a technological device can be improved by a technology itself, therefore this paper discusses out the technologies used in major organizations of Alain.
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