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1. I think my eating habits are usually healthy throughout the day, the problem is when I come and I want to eat anything event if I’m not that hungry, which I know you can’t tell from the food journal, but that is due to the lack of snacks in my house the past few days. Other than that, my family and I rarely eat at the restaurant and I think it helps having a better portion control and it prevents from eating junk food. Another eating habit that I have is that I love anything sweet. I’ve always had a sweet tooth, and in the past years I tried repressing it. What I’ve come to realize it that doing so only intensified my craving for sugar, therefore I’ve been allowing myself sugar, but I try to get it from an healthier source. I think that…show more content…
Quality and quantity: I think I have a good quality of food, because I rarely eat junk food such as fries, pizza or poutine. Although, I tend to eat too much candy, ice-cream or desserts when there’s some available. I also only eat multigrain bread or cereals which are more complex carbs than white bread or sugary cereals. I think the quantity of food I eat is usually reasonable and appropriate, but it the quantity of each food group could be increased or reduced, as explained in number 2. Timing: I usually eat my breakfast around 6:30 am in the weekdays and 8:30– 9:00 on the weekends, which I think is a good timing. The problem with my food timing is that, because of my school schedule, I sometimes eat my lunch at 11:00 and that is quite far from dinner, so I will snack more in between. In my journal, the weekday doesn’t have this issue since I eat at 12:00, but it shows the issue with dinner. In my family we eat dinner quite early on weekdays (around 17:30) and so by the time a go to sleep I am usually hungry for snacks. Mood and hunger level: One thing I was aware of even before doing the journal is that I tend to eat when I’m bored and not necessarily hungry. Also, whenever I get home from school I feel tired and I eat snacks even if I’m not hungry. Other than that, whenever it’s time for dinner I’m really hungry, so I probably should have snacks throughout the day so that I don’t go in craving hungry…show more content…
I actually really like fruits and vegetables so I can’t have excuses, I just really need to keep it in mind and make an effort, as explained in number 2. Secondly, I think I should plan healthy snacks to eat between meals. This will prevent me from binging on processed foods and help me never being extremely hungry before meals. Thirdly, I will try to incorporate more milk and alternatives in my eating habits, because I think it’s a group I often neglect. To do so, I will start drinking soy or almond milk and eat

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