The Impact Of Technology In Education

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Technology can either enable or restrict, depending on the context. This duality results from technology acting as a medium of social practices. For instance, teachers must manage not only classroom control, but also the ethical implications of technology and the moral hazards. Those hazards include not only plagiarism and threats, but also external circumstances which take students’ attention away from the lesson. Teachers must be concerned about customizing technology for students with various racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and personal circumstances. Such factors affect the technology-use and ultimately, the lesson utilized in the classroom. The environment in which technology is implemented also impacts its effectiveness in learning. Students…show more content…
Granted, these factors are broad but they are also contextual, meaning they are based on real-world situations and issues. Furthermore, the world is experiencing an information explosion. Not only is the volume of new information large, but it is also growing exponentially. Rapid changes in many fields are making basic knowledge and skills obsolete. In the technological world of the 21st century, the meaning of the phrase “to know” means more than simply having information stored in one 's memory; it means having access to information and knowing how to use it (21st Century Learner (2016). The challenge for education is to design technologies for learning that draw both from knowledge about human cognition and from practical application of how technology can facilitate tasks in the workplace. Like training wheels, computers enable learners to do more advanced activities, and engage in more advanced thinking and problem-solving than they could without such help. In this rapidly transforming world, where employment requirements are quickly changing, education must also change to meet these demands. The essence of education has been to foster competencies that will permit children to successfully participate in society. To that end, information technology must become an integral part of the general education curriculum so students are prepared to meet future technological
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