The Iliad And The Knight's Tale Analysis

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Terry L Byrd Jr. Byrd 1
Adam Valencic
World Literature 201
Jan. 25 2014
The Iliad Vs The Knight’s Tale
Being a great hero has been in all time periods of time and in many works of literature.
The two works of The Iliad and The Knight’s Tale are no different in the views of being a hero and the ideals of the being a hero. Being brave, showing pride and believing in justice and having courage to stand up and fight in what you believe in no matter the consequences.
The heroic ideals are found to be the main concept the authors wanted to show in both
Iliad and The Knight’s Tale. Heroism and bravery are the most important part for being a man in both time periods in the Trojan War and in Chaucer’s time. Pride and reputation are very important and any injustice to them was considered to be a weakness for men in the works.
Thesesus in The Knight’s Tale is a protector of the rules and order and sees to it that everyone follows them. He is also a man with a good reputation which is clear when we are introduced to him in the tale. Theseus is also a representation of the rules a...

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