The Ideal System

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The Ideal System Conservatism tends to create threat to its citizen's lives by striving

for money and power at the expense of its people. Stalin was a status

quo thinker and during his reign in Russia places called the Gulags

existed, they were camps positioned in the northern and north-eastern

parts of Russia, in vast and uninhabited regions with no roads or

sources of food, but rich in minerals and other natural resources. In

order to mine, process and ship these resources inmates were forced to

work in inhuman conditions. In spite of the fearsome climate, they

were never adequately clothed, fed or healed if ill, nor were they

given anything for the lack of vitamins. In some camps, the fatality

rate during the first months was as high as 80%. It was estimated that

in 1931-32, there were approximately 2 million prisoners in these

camps, in 1933-35 5 million, and in 1935-36 6 million. During World

War II there was 10-12 million people in these camps. Added together

and estimated 30 million died in the gulags. Stalin showed that he put

his own people before production, that is why an extreme conservatist

is dangerous running a country. There is no excuse for 30 million

people murdered and extreme conservatist can not be allowed leadership

of a nation.

Conservatism oppresses minorities and deprives them of rights and

freedoms. Hitler, the conservative German leader published mein kampf

in 1939, a part of this book put races and nationalities into

categories rating them from the Aryan race he was from to Jews. He

instated the first discriminatory la...

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Pierre Vallieres. The FLQ shared the basic concerns for development of

personal freedom and social progress as the liberal philosophy. It

helps to protect the social liberties of the French separatist

minority in Canada, as well as represent and express their views. They

even had their Manifesto read on CBC/Radio-Canada and printed in

newspapers on Oct. 8, 1970. But when the FLQ started to become over

violent it was eventually brought to an end by Pierre Trudeau. Trudeau

implemented certain conservative procedures such as the War Measures

Act on October 16 1970. The Canadian government attempted to rid

Quebec of the FLQ by performing thousands of searches and detaining

almost 450 people. That is why a balance of liberalism to protect

freedoms and rights and conservatism to limit the violence is the

ideal system.