The Human Race Cannot Coexist with Nuclear Weapons

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Should all countries in the world be able to develop their own nuclear weapons? More importantly, if so, can these countries be trusted? Richard Rhodes, the author of the essay entitled “Living with the bomb,” believes that they can. With cooperation and negotiations Rhodes believes nations can secure the deadly materials from which weapons of mass destruction are made of (Rhodes). He also believes that this will help reduce arsenals which will help eliminate possible future risks (640). The author somehow believes that regardless of the tensions in the Middle East and its surrounding countries, they are worthy of our trust in a matter as great and serious as their development of nuclear weapons. Throughout his essay, Rhodes cites several cases throughout history where there have been direct threats due to the fact that certain countries simply cannot be trusted. Nuclear weapons are an extremely big deal in our world today, especially when it comes to terrorism. The idea of relying only on cooperation to secure the materials required to build nuclear weapons is outrageous, and the only program that would eliminate all threats would be by disarming all countries of their nuclear programs. Although it would be very nice and beneficial to everyone if we could simply trust other nations in believing that they did not have motives in developing a nuclear arsenal, it is simply not possible. Although, Rhodes discusses the reasons why some of these countries cannot be trusted, he still believes that something can be worked out despite our differences. Rhodes also fails to disclose to his readers what a significant risk that Pakistan is. Rhodes did well briefly describing what took place after the Cold War and how the U.S.S.R. was broken up into many different countries. Rhodes also discussed the strained relationships with North Korea and Iran, and more importantly, he went into detail concerning terrorism which is the number one threat in the world when it comes to nuclear weapons (641). Therefore, history has proven to us that cooperation amongst certain countries, in regards to monitoring their nuclear programs and securing the deadly material that nuclear weapons are made of, is impossible and that they cannot be trusted. Iran has a nuclear program that is very devious to say the least, and therefore is a huge risk to everyone. Experts say that their nuclear program has expanded into a mature operation and has the capability to produce nuclear warheads in less than a year (Jahn).
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