Nuclear Weapon Proliferation: South Africa

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Nuclear Proliferation: South Africa
South Africa is the only country in Africa to successfully develop nuclear weapons, and then to voluntarily dismantle them. To start Africa’s affiliation with nuclear weapons’, South Africa signed 50-year nuclear collaboration agreement with the U.S. in 1957. A nuclear weapons program was then started in1970 with scientists that were instructed to build various nuclear weapons. By 1990, the president of South Africa, F.W. de Klerk, ended the program with the aim of joining the NPT as a state without a nuclear weapons capability. In 1991 they then joined the NPT and came to a safeguards agreement with the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency). This was an organization that promoted peace, which they also performed, safeguard inspections. South Africa thus submitted its declaration on facilities and nuclear material inventories, and the IAEA then had to verify the completeness of our inventory.
At this time, South Africa was in control of 10% of the country’s electricity. Between 1979 and 1989, South Africa built and dismantled a lot of nuclear weapons. This made it very complicated for the IAEA to verify them for the first time. In 1993, President F.W. de Klerk announced that six nuclear weapons and a seventh one that was not finished had been dismantled. In 1995, the IAEA declared that is was satisfied with all the materials and weapons program that South Africa had. Although that weapons program had be stopped and dismantled, it still had to be accounted for. In 1996, South Africa signed the African Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Treaty. It stated that in this zone there would be no nuclear activity happening. In 2002 South Africa signed the Additional Protocol in relat...

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All in all, nuclear weapons are capable of causing mass destruction amongst large nations. With this in mind, the Republic of South Africa believes in the establishment of nuclear free zones in Korea.
If any nations in the area of North Korea have nuclear weapons, the typical conflicts that are already happening could quickly escalate to nuclear conflicts that could cause in amazingly high casualties. And in order to keep this problem under control and safeguard life on earth we need to help keep some extent of peace in the area, and the establishment of the nuclear weapon free zones appears to be an excellent way to do so. Several nations have already pushed for the security of many other nations, even those located outside of the zone, would benefit from it as well.
We can also enforce the NPT so that many nations will see how important keeping nuclear weapons

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