The Homework Debate

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Kylie Bergeson
The Homework Debate: Too Much Homework!

Are the teaching methods used in schools today outdated? Students spend 6-7 hours every day of the week sitting in a chair while knowledge is “drilled” into their brains; students are then expected to complete hours of homework. A student should be assigned no more than 10 minutes per grade level according to NEA guidelines. The NEA is the National Education Association. Over time the homework loads sent home to students has increased. The amount of homework given to students should be lessened because it causes stress, shares no correlation with improvement, and takes away time from well deserved leisure time.

Over time the homework load given to students is increased, causing stress. Average hour spent on homework per week is about 6.8 hours (average hours spent on homework). Spending 6-7 hours in school is enough (Wallace). Why should students have to spend their time at home doing more school work? If students are already struggling the way to help them is not having them do more work without helping them. If a student ...
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