The Hierarchy of a Company

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This typical organization depicts the organizational hierarchy of this company. This comprises nine departments and the managers are simulated by the heads who are executive manager and general manager. The general manager and executive manager inspire the subordinates and direct the firm to reach goals in an effective and efficient manner.

The hierarchy is basically is a perspective of the functional organizational structure and work teams. These are modern techniques utilized to improve productivity and communication. These department heads are delegated with authority to organize and empower their subordinates. This organization of specialization leads to operational efficiencies where employees become experts in their area of responsibility. With typical functional organizational structure is the media company can be quite difficult, so the organization slow and inflexible. Therefore, the characteristics of cross-linking are very important that the information must be distributed, not only vertically but also horizontally in the body.

This is a more centralized structure where more decision making power rests in the hand of the top level management. The top level management communicates down the hierarchy and implicates their well-defined plans. The structure is formal where well defined rules and regulations are practiced, shared goals and objectives and limitations in individual inference.

The benefits of the Organizational Structure


Flat organization there is a relatively small - a layer of management - one only occasionally. Unlike high buildings and are common to many companies, a range of management and control of short-chain command structure of a flat wide me. In military terms, in order to report this...

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...ompanies with a flat organizational structure, Cooperation and open communication. Because it is a place of more equitable competition, and will depend on each individual worker will create a situation of delayed passive tracker customers and innovative, cooperative self-starter more responsibility. As an added bonus, is a flat structure, the organization has been able to attract the kind of employees to encourage the construction work that requires teamwork and motivation of self.

Innovation and Creativity

The idea comes from a flat organizational structure, from a variety of sources than companies with many layers of management. By providing everyone with equal voice transmitting new ideas and feedback to the policy of the company operating the process, products, services, business models, may lead to successful competitive companies finding new ideas I can.

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