The Heroine and Archetypal Characteristics of The Little Mermaid

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In the story, “The Little Mermaid” there are demonstrations that describe what a heroine is. A female character that is noted for special achievements represents the heroine in a story. Therefore, the youngest mermaid “Little Mermaid” represents the heroine throughout the story. The Little Mermaid is a mystical creature that longs only to seek the handsome prince she laid eyes on. “Once she became human, the witch said she could never become a mermaid again” (Anderesens 185). This is an example of how the Little Mermaid chose to do something incredible and dangerous just to accomplish something she only dreamt of. Not only is the Little Mermaid the heroine of the story, but she also exemplifies other archetypal characteristics. An original type, after which, other related things are patterned in a story embodies an archetypal characteristic. “The Little Mermaid danced for the Prince to show her affection” (Anderesens 185). Love has conquered her soul and has made her this affectionate creature. The Little Mermaid plays an essential part in the story, giving her the most significant role, and making her the main focus. The understanding of the heroine in this story is imperative and helps the reader apprehend the overall theme and purpose. Early in the story, the first example of heroine actions is presented by the Little Mermaid rescuing the Prince. “When the Little Mermaid found the Prince, she carried him to the surface and laid him on the sand, kissing his forehead before swimming away from the beach” (Andersens 184). The Prince faced a near death experience, and if not for the Little Mermaid, his life would have been cut short. This is only one example, but throughout the story the Little Mermaid signifies the heroin... ... middle of paper ... The Little Mermaids innocence led her to crave more knowledge to learn about humans and their souls. Throughout the story those are the two main archetypal characteristics shown by the little Mermaid. In conclusion, when reading a story with a female archetype there is an automatic insertion of the representation of a heroine. The Little Mermaid was honored for her brave acts and her fine qualities she had shown. She represents the lead female character that gave the overall story its true meaning and representation. Throughout the story the Little Mermaid exposed different archetypal characteristics that helped the reader comprehend the concept of the overall theme. Her innocence and the love that she showed saved the Prince’s life and her soul as well. When looking deep into a story, a heroine and her archetypal characteristics can play an essential role.

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