The Haudenosaunee Constitution Influence The Constitution

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The Haudenosaunee Constitution and its influence of the US Constitution
It has long been taught that the first constitution and the idea of a representative government first came into existence with the creation of the United States’ constitution. However, six hundred years prior to that creation, a group of native tribes came together and forged the America’s true first constitution. Through this creation, a powerful nation, known as the Haudenosaunee, or known to Europeans as the Iroquois Nation, became an important part in the shaping of the Americas. The creation of this constitution would serve as a model for the need and creation of the United States’ own constitution. By examining the “why” it was created, the principles held within
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Instead of each group of people focusing only on their wellbeing, they would make decisions that would benefit all, thus allowing all people to grow and flourish. He envisioned a leadership in which all people of the area would be…show more content…
As noted at its conception the constitution was not recorded in a written language, but portrayed through wampum. As time progressed and English was introduced to the Haudenosaunee the constitution was recorded in a written language. The first section contains the history of the people and binds them together, under one creator and tells the tale of how and why the constitution was created. The following three sections contain the type of government to be formed, procedures of the government, how leaders where to be chosen, and how decisions were to be made. It is here where the ideas of representation and equality are expounded upon. It was important to Deganwida that all felt they were a part of the government they were creating and that all would be seen as equals. As such each clan would provide a chief to represent them within the government. This was to ensure all clans of all tribes would be a part of the decision making process. In addition, while it was determined that the chiefs would be male, they were to be chosen by the matriarchs of each clan. This was to ensure that all, men and women, would
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