The Guitar: The History And History Of The Guitar

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History The guitar is a musical instrument that is played by the plucking or strumming of its strings. According to the records, this instrument was invented in Spain in the 15th century. The guitar’s appearance has changed since then. The body of the guitar was narrower than what it is now. Guitars were considered “lutes” at the time. In which lutes formed to be vihuelas then later became guitars. When the guitar was first invented, it only had four-strings so it was called a four-course guitar. However, it has a variety course of strings now. The guitar is one of the instruments that has a major role in music, today. The genres of music that…show more content…
The two of them met while he was stationed in England during the war. The couple stayed together until shortly before Eric was born. Then, Edward returned to Canada to be with his real family including his wife that he left behind. This made it extremely hard for Patricia to care for Eric considering that she was a teenage mom. Her parents stepped up and raised Eric as if he was their own child. A musical family raised Eric. His grandmother had a deep love for playing the piano. Patricia claims that his dad was a gifted musician and played the piano very well. The people around him instilled the love of music in Eric throughout his childhood years. For one of his birthdays, he asked for a guitar. His love for guitar playing caused him to give up on a formal education (college). He loved Rock and Blues music, and that was his focus when he started playing music. Throughout his music career, Eric joined a band called the Yardbirds. He began to record his first albums and shortly after, he discovered that, his music love really lied with the Blues. Eric gave up the title of being an expert guitar player. However, he will play a few pieces when given the
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