The Guidance of a Government

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People have their own perspective of a government that they envision for their people. Thomas Jefferson has been the president of the United States and ruled under a monarch. Jefferson couldn’t tolerate the abuse from a monarch, so he rebelled against the British crown. In 1776, Thomas Jefferson wrote The Declaration of Independence, and declared the colonies were free from British rule. Before he became the author of The Declaration of Independence, Jefferson was established “ as an ardent republican and revolutionary” (Jacobus 77). Jacobus states Jefferson is, “one of the most versatile Americans of any generation” (Jacobus 78). In The Declaration of Independence, Jefferson and the founding fathers envisioned a government that would govern the people, and the people would be free. The people must be governed with rights, Jefferson implies it’s the government’s duty to guide and secure the people, therefore, he believes the government’s obligation to the individual is more important than the individuals obligation to the state. It’s the state’s obligation to give their citizens the rights under a fair trial. Under the monarch rule, the colonist were convicted before a trial, but most of the time there wasn’t any trials. In the colonies, the colonist were misrepresented by lawyers because they were uneducated compared to the English lawyers. The British authorities didn’t provide equal laws to the colonists, so if they were falsely accused they were punished. Furthermore, Jefferson states, “For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of a Trial by Jury” (82). The colonist weren’t trialed fairly, and Jefferson believed a government should give their citizen a fair trial. Each citizen should have an equal judgment because the... ... middle of paper ... the people, and it’s the people’s obligation to obey by the laws instituted to them. He had envisioned a government that wouldn’t abuse the rights of the people. The government can control the people, but the people have a say in how the government should govern them. It was his vision to allow the people to be governed, but still be free. If it wasn’t for Jefferson and his Declaration of Independence, then there wouldn’t have been a democrat government. The United States wouldn’t be what it is today, a government for the free people. Works Cited Jacobus, Lee A. Ed. A World of Ideas: Essential Reading for College Writers. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2010. Print. Jefferson, Thomas. “The Declaration of Independence.” A World of Ideas: Essential Reading for College Writers. 8th ed. Ed. Lee A. Jacobus. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2010. 77-83. Print.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how thomas jefferson rebelled against the british crown and wrote the declaration of independence. he was an ardent republican and revolutionary.
  • Explains that under the monarch rule, the colonist were convicted before a trial, but most of the time there wasn't any trials.
  • Explains that the government has the obligation to implicate fair laws and a justice system to their citizens.
  • Opines that people need the government to guide and control them, for freedom. jefferson believes it's the people’s right to vote and place laws into effect that are going to benefit the free people.
  • Opines that people have to follow the laws and guidelines set by the government to feel safe and secure.
  • Opines that jefferson implies the government's role is to govern the people and the citizens' role to follow government’s laws. if government didn’t guide people, there would be chaos.
  • Analyzes how jefferson envisioned a government that wouldn't abuse the rights of the people. jefferson's declaration of independence allowed people to be governed but still be free.
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